Beetles, beetles, beetles …

Lizards, snails, caterpillars and beetles were common toys to play with when I was a child and enjoyed the countryside in La Palma or at the farm in Tenerife. Later, when I was a teenager I started a collection of beetles, and since then, I haven´t stopped, Entomology having become a Leitmotiv and umbilical cord with nature up to the present. Beetles were probably the hidden reason why I decided to study Biology at the University; when the pressure at home –a mild one– was to do something more “serious”, like Architecture, Agrarian engineering or Philosophy.  However, I have never worked in Entomology professionally; but always as a happy and priviledged amateur.


Entomological cabinet of Dr. A. Machado

When I finished my Biology Degree in La Laguna, the knowledge about Entomology of the Canary Islands was dispersed mainly in foreign institutions and journals. In 1976 I established, along with my wife and my brother, a cultural non-profit private association IBCER (International Bureau of Canarian Entomological Research) with the aim of collecting that information and offering a contact point for all researchers interested in our insect fauna.

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IBCER was more or less useful until the Department of Zoology at the University of La Laguna, and the Natural History Museum of Santa Cruz consolidated their activity in Entomology during the 80,s. In January 1994, IBCER had 53 colleagues registered.

At present, IBCER is dormant, but my library stays open and the same spirit of assistance to any colleague persists in the second floor at home, where I have established my cabinet (you can see a set of photos at the end of this page). Now, I have the intention to provide as much information as I can through this web-site, mainly on Coleoptera, bibliography, and whatever is in my hands, with the only limit being that of available time.

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Studying the Wollaston Collection

When you are young and looking at bugs, each group has attractive aspects: ants, springtails, spiders, grasshoppers, dragonflies… My interest in ground-beetles goes back to 1969, when I discovered a few black Microlestes close to my golf ball. Its perfect design just fascinated me. The choice was made and it received full support of Don José María Fernández, curator of the Museum of Natural History at Santa Cruz, whom I started to visit regularly.

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Later, in 1975, I presented my Biology Diploma work on the ground-beetles of the laurel forest, and that was the start of a more ambitious project in which I intended to answer questions like: How many species do really live in the Canary Islands? Are they all valid species? Where do they live? It took me about 15 years to perform a full taxonomic and faunal revision to aarive at some satisfactory answers. That was my PhD dissertation (cum laude).

I studied some 23.000 specimens from my own collection as well as from several museum collections (Madrid, Oxford, London, Paris, etc.). A total of 232 species live in the Canary Islands, 70% of which are endemic to the archipelago. I revised all the endemic taxa and described 1 tribe, 4 new genera and 29 new species. In parallel, I established 28 new synonyms. The Monografía de los carábidos de las islas Canarias, was published a year later (1992). It has 734 pages and 313 figures. Some chapters deal with aspects like phenology, dispersal power, and parasites, with some emphasis on biogeography and comments on evolution. But at that time, I did not perform phylogenetic analysis. That came later, but not with carabids.

You can access the Monograph here (PDF) or from the section Publication /Scientific, were all other papers dealing with Carabidae are available.

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Having grown after the monograph on Carabidae, my interest in understanding how species form and why, islands are the best places to study evolution, and beetles the best candidates. I defined a profile for the ideal group: it has to be monophyletic, with as many species as possible, all endemic and without flying capacity. Winner by a wide margin: the genus Laparocerus Schönherr, 1834 (Curculionidae: Entiminae).

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In 1999 I switched from ground-beetles to weevils and designed a project to search for Laparocerus in all of Macaronesia, review the taxonomy, study their ecology and reveal their phylogeny and paths of evolution. If there are any patterns, they should be expressed there.

After 15 years of studying the genus I am still not finished, but getting closer to the end. The Laparocerus are not as rare as previously thought. They are easy to be found by night. I developed efficient techniques for sampling, having collected more than 32.000 specimens, many of them belonging to species previously unknown to science. I prospected the Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands consciously, repeating expeditions to the same island, or to the same place whenever needed. Additionally, I have studied the material kept in all major collections in European museums, plus that sent by colleagues. If you have a recalcitrant species of Laparocerus to be identified, please do not hesitate to write to me.

In the section of Production/Scientific there are several articles about Laparocerus, many describing new species. The number of species level taxa has increased from 123 (when I started) to 215, and there are some more in the pipeline.

I faced the phylogenetic study in collaboration with Dr. Mariano Hernández Ferrer of the University Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health of the Canary Islands, and I contracted technical assistance for the laboratory work. I financed the costs of the initial molecular analyses with a grant from the Fundación Biodiversidad (Madrid), which I obtained in 2004-2005. Obviously, I had to update my notions of Genetics and deepen my knowledge of new methods of inferring phylogenies, as well as familiarise myself with a complex arsenal of computer programmes. Later, I had to extend the molecular analyses to more markers and more species, this time with the collaboration of IPNA (CSIC) and hiring more assistants.

In the Production/Scientific section are my articles on Laparocerus, including the descriptions of new species published progressively. The number of taxa at the species level has increased from 123 (when I started) to 265. Finally, the monograph that gathers all the information generated in the last twenty years, I wrote it directly in English and I made the layout taking advantage of the COVID19 pandemic period. It was published in December 2022, in large format,

See the monograpph brochure

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Catalogue of Canarian Coleoptera

Wollaston Collection

Since Coleoptera Atlantidum of Wollaston (1865), by the end of the XX Century, there was no modern account of beetles from the Canary Islands. In collaboration with Dr. Pedro Oromí, from the University of La Laguna, and with the assistance of many colleagues, we published a new catalogue in 2000 (see PDF), updating to 2061 the total number of species and subspecies, of which 1247 are endemic. We also registered 325 recognized synonyms.

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I keep the Coleoptera database alive, and Dr. Oromí is in charge of Entomology in the Banco de datos de Biodiversidad de Canarias (BIOTA), supported by the Canarian Government. Should you have any amendment or contribution to add to the Canarian Coleoptera Database, please feel welcome to contact one of us:

When I find a suitable database and some time, it is my intention to include the Canarian Catalogue in this website for online access. For the moment, I keep it in my desktop running on Procite, and oldie, but performing well.

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Canarian Entomological Bibliography

Books on Coleoptera by T. Vernon Wollaston

One of my main goals at IBCER was to find all the entomological bibliography related to the Canary Islands. That was in the times of cards, typing machines, carbon copies, ordinary letters and smailmail to contact other colleagues, visiting libraries in person, etcetera; something unimaginable for the Internet generation. In 1976 I finished a preliminary list, and in 1987 the book A Bibliography of the Canary Island Entomology was published, which was a milestone.

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Since then, I have been registering all new publications as best as I can. They have grown exponentially, but the new facilities with computers and Internet is a great help. As with the Catalogue of Coleoptera, I hope to be able to transfer my database to an online application within this web-site (probably RefBASE). It is a question of finding the time. Meanwhile, if you need information about any publication, please write to me. In some cases, I can also provide a PDF or scan the original. My library has some 12.000 registers (EndNote X6), and about 4800 are related with Arthropods.

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Identification keys to Canarian Coleoptera

Identificating beetles 1

After finishing the monograph on Laparocerus in 2022, I thought about the best use I could make out of me and the time available after my retirement. As taxonomists are becoming something of an endangered species, I decided to apply myself to the elaboration of keys for the identification of the Canarian Coleoptera. We are talking about 2500 species distributed in 71 families. Except for carabids and curculionids, nothing similar exists. Only a few dispersed genus keys and rarely in Spanish

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My plan is to start with the families with the fewest species and in alphabetical order. The project is a long-term one –I hope to be able to finish it– and I have discarded waiting for its conclusion and formal publication. The idea is to post the keys to each family on this website (see attached link) as I finish them, so that anyone interested can download the PDF at will. Note that the upload date is provided in order to follow subsequent updates, if any. The photos and illustrations accompanying the keys are either taken from the Internet (the author is shown in grey lettering) or produced by myself.

Needless to say, I am grateful in advance for any feedback: warnings of errors, absences, suggestions, incorrect images, etc. Please write directly to antonio.machado@telefonica.net.

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Collecting insects or any other biological material in the Canary Islands has become complicated. Spanish biodiversity conservation legislation, and particularly the permitting process for collecting samples, was designed for large mammals and birds, not insects. Many colleagues simply write to me, but I do not issue permits. The most I did at the time was to include on this website a help guide with forms and addresses for preparing such applications.  But I have cancelled it, as things have become more and more complicated as the different island councils do not follow the same criteria.

At present, the application for collecting species must be submitted electronically and in Spanish to the Biodiversity Service of the Canary Islands Government. In addition, permission must then be obtained from each island council –also in Spanish and electronically (not always)– to collect in protected areas, if that is the case, and the councils do not make a decision without first receiving the resolution from the Canary Islands Government. Fortunately, the latter usually sends a copy of its resolution to the island council (Cabildo insular) concerned. I am afraid that a bureaucratic maquis has been created, to be overcome with patience, perseverance, and the necessary foresight. Good luck!

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  1. Dicrodontini Mach. 1992, Carabidae: Zuphiinae


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  2. Spelaeovulcania Mach. 1987, Carabidae, Trechinae, Trechodini
  3. Wolltinerfia Mach. 1985 nom. nov. pro Wollastonia Mach. 1984, Carabidae Pterostichinae
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  88. Laparocerus magnificus Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
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  106. Laparocerus hytricoides Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  107. Laparocerus rugosivertex Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  108. Laparocerus ornatus Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  109. Laparocerus marmoratus Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  110. Laparocerus tirmensis Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  111. Laparocerus semipilosus Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
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  2. Olisthopus glabratus tamaranus Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  3. Platyderus alticola hierroensis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  4. Platyderys alticola gomeraensis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  5. Licinopsis obliterata franzi Mach. 1987. Carabidae
  6. Licinopsis picescens gomerita Mach. 1987. Carabidae
  7. Paradromius iucundus gillerforsi Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  8. Paradromius exornatus furvus Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  9. Paradromius strigifrons grancanariensis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  10. Paradromius insularis illautus Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  11. Dromius angustus dissimilis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  12. Philorhizus atlanticus palmensis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  13. Philorhizus incertus jandiensis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  14. Dicrodontus brunneus exilis Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  15. Parazuphium damascenum canariense Mach. 1992. Carabidae
  16. Drouetius azoricus nitens Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  17. Drouetius azoricus parallelirostris Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  18. Drouetius azoricus separandus Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  19. Drouetius borgesi centralis Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  20. Drouetius borgesi sanctimichaelis Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  21. Drouetius oceanicus tristis Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  22. Laparocerus aethiops garajonay Mach., 2007. Curculionidae
  23. Laparocerus heres jocoensis Mach., 2007. Curculionidae
  24. Laparocerus mateui tuberosus Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  25. Laparocerus orone aridane Mach. 2009. Curculionidae
  26. Laparocerus orone hierroensis Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  27. Laparocerus zarazagai subreflexus Mach. & García 2011. Curculionidae
  28. Laparocerus rasus jandiensis Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  29. Laparocerus rasus betancor Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  30. Laparocerus curvipes famara Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  31. Laparocerus garretai albosquamosus Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  32. Laparocerus susicus inexpectatus Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  33. Laparocerus susicus montanus Mach. 2011. Curculionidae
  34. Laparocerus squamosus tasarticus Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  35. Laparocerus alluaudi aytamis Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  36. Laparocerus bentejui delicatulus Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  37. Laparocerus bentejui robustus Mach. 2012. Curculionidae
  38. Laparocerus subnodosus montivagans Mach. 2013. Curculionidae
  39. Laparocerus sanchezi arures , 2016. Curculionidae
  40. Laparocerus obscurus daute , 2016. Curculionidae
  41. Laparocerus tinguaro tabornoi , 2016. Curculionidae
  42. Laparocerus dissimilis alticola , 2016. Curculionidae
  43. Laparocerus dissimilis infernalis , 2016. Curculionidae
  44. Laparocerus tenuepunctatus oppositus , 2016. Curculionidae
  45. Herpisticus subvestitus pseudolanatus Mach. 2020. Curculionidae
  46. Herpisticus hierrensis benahoare Mach. 2020. Curculionidae
  47. Moreiba canariensis auarita Mach. & Alonso-Zarazaga 2020. Curculionidae
  48. Moreiba canariensis nivariana Mach. & Alonso-Zarazaga 2020. Curculionidae
  49. Moreiba mariae oromiana Mach. & Alonso-Zarazaga 2020. Curculionidae
  50. Laparocerus dissidens spolonifer Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  51. Laparocerus alluaudi reptans Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  52. Laparocerus tibialis isorae Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  53. Laparocerus juelensis eremita Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  54. Laparocerus subopacus divergens Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  55. Laparocerus zartazagai criniger Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  56. Laparocerus campestris garafianus Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  57. Laparocerus elongatus denudatus Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  58. Laparocerus grossepunctatus commitux Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  59. Laparocerus hupalupa furtivus Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  60. Laparocerus inermis majonae Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  61. Laparocerus exophthalmus cisti Mach., 2021. Curculionidae
  62. Laparocerus freyi vicarius Mach., 2021. Curculionidae

Updated Dec. 2023

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Genus Laparocerus Schoenherr, 1834b: 530 type species Laparocerus morio Boheman, 1834


Subgenus Amyntas Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 55 type species Lichenophagus incomptus Wollaston, 1865

     Canopus Wollaston, 1864: 337 [HN] type species Atlantis subnebulosa Wollaston, 1864

arrochai Machado, 2009b: 190 N: CI (La Palma)

bellus Roudier, 1957a: 31 N: CI (Tenerife)

cristatus Machado, 2009b: 193 N: CI (La Palma)

fernandezi Roudier, 1957a: 34 N: CI

incomptus Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 55 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (El Hierro)

ruteri Roudier, 1957a: 33 N: CI (Tenerife)

subnebulosus Wollaston, 1864: 337 (Atlantis) N: CI (Gran Canaria)

tanausu Machado, 2009b: 195 N: CI (La Palma)

tetricus Boheman, 1834b: 542 (Eremnus) N: CI (Tenerife)

  simplex Brullé, 1839: 71 (Otiorhynchus)

tibialis isorae Machado, 2021: 148 N: CI (Tenerife)

tibialis tibialis Wollaston, 1864: 338 (Atlantis) N: CI (Tenerife)

uyttenboogaarti Zumpt, 1940: 677 N: CI (Tenerife)


Subgenus Anillobius Fauvel, 1907: 71 type species Anillobius solifuga Fauvel, 1907

portosantoi Franz, 1970: 3 (Anillobius) N: MR (Porto Santo)

rhizophilus Machado, 2021: 142 N: MR (Madeira)

solifuga Fauvel, 1907: 72 (Anillobius) N: MR (Madeira)


Subgenus Aridotrox Machado, 2017: 33 type species Laparocerus rasus Wollaston, 1864

chinijo Machado, 2021: 144 N: CI (La Graciosa, Montaña Clara)

colonnellii Machado, 2011b: 232 N: CI (Fuerteventura)

dispar Wollaston, 1864: 357 N: CI (Lanzarote)

inexpectatus Machado, 2011b: 229 N: MO

      tessellatus Hustache, 1932b: 43 (Cyclomaurus) [HN]

rasus betancor Machado, 2011b: 223 N: CI (Fuerteventura)

rasus jandiensis Machado, 2011b: 224 N: CI (Fuerteventura)

rasus rasus Wollaston, 1864: 354 N: CI (Lanzarote, Montaña Clara)

susicus montanus Machado, 2011b: 229 N: MO

susicus susicus Escalera, 1914: 424 (Cyclobarus) N: MO

xericola Machado, 2011b: 231 N: CI (Fuerteventura)


Subgenus Atlantis Wollaston, 1854b: 361 type species Atlantis lamellipes Wollaston, 1854

calcatrix Wollaston, 1854b: 366 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

     calcator Marseul, 1873b: 546

clavatus Wollaston, 1854b: 363 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

lamellipes hobbit Machado, 2008a: 318 N: MR (Madeira)

lamellipes lamellipes Wollaston, 1854b: 364 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

noctivagans lauripotens Wollaston, 1854b: 369 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

     australis Wollaston, 1864: 370 (Atlantis)

lindbergi Roudier, 1963b: 133 N: MR (Madeira)

madeirensis Machado, 2008a: 316 N: MR (Madeira)

noctivagans lauripotens Wollaston, 1854b: 369 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

noctivagans noctivagans Wollaston, 1854b: 367 (Atlantis) [NP] N: MR (Madeira)

     piceus Boheman, 1834b: 531 [NO]

serrado Machado, 2008a: 319 N: MR (Madeira)

undulatus Wollaston, 1862c: 289 N: MR (Madeira)

vespertinus Wollaston, 1854b: 371 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)


Subgenus Atlantodes Machado, 2008a: 312 type species Atlantis mendax Wollaston, 1854

colasi Roudier, 1958b: 205 N: MR (Madeira)

erberi Machado, 2021: 142 N: MR (Deserta Grande)

inconstans Wollaston, 1854b: 375 (Atlantis) N: MR (Porto Santo)

instabilis Wollaston, 1854b: 377 (Atlantis) N: MR (Porto Santo)

lanatus Wollaston, 1854b: 372 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

mendax Wollaston, 1854b: 376 (Atlantis) N: MR (Porto Santo)

navicularis Wollaston, 1854b: 374 (Atlantis) N: MR (Porto Santo)

prainha Machado, 2008a: 323 N: MR (Madeira)


Subgenus Belicarius Machado, 2017: 35 type species Laparocerus mendicus Wollaston, 1864

bentejui bentejui Machado, 2012: 7 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

bentejui delicatulus Machado, 2012: 8 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

bentejui robustus Machado, 2012: 10 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

exiguus Machado, 2007b: 11 N: CI (La Gomera)

exophthalmus cisti Machado, 2021: 152 N: CI (La Gomera)

exophthalmus exophthalmus Machado, 2007b: 12 N: CI (La Gomera)

feloi Machado, 2009b: 203 N: CI (La Palma)

longiclava Har. Lindberg, 1953: 15 N: CI

magnificus Machado, 2011a: 70 N: CI

mateui mateui Roudier, 1954d: 85 N: CI (La Gomera)

mateui tuberosus Machado, 2011a: 74 N: CI (El Hierro)

mendicus Wollaston, 1864: 355 N: CI (El Hierro)

morrisi Machado, 2009b: 218 N: CI (La Palma)

oculatissimus Machado, 2007b: 14 N: CI (La Gomera)

rotundatus Machado, 2011a: 65 N: CI (La Gomera)

sanchezi arures Machado, 2016: 33 N: CI (La Gomera)

sanchezi sanchezi Roudier, 1957a: 24 N: CI (El Hierro)

     nitidirostris Roudier, 1957a: 25

tarsalis Machado, 2009b: 205 N: CI (La Palma)


Subgenus Bencomius Machado, 2017: 35 type species Laparocerus grossepunctatus Wollaston, 1864

bolivari Uyttenboogaart, 1937: 97 N: CI (Tenerife)

boticarius Machado, 2007a: 39 N: CI (Tenerife)

combrecitensis Roudier, 1957c: 90 [RN] N: CI (La Palma)

     palmensis Roudier, 1957a: 20 [HN]

crassifrons Wollaston, 1864: 345 N: CI (Tenerife)

edaphicus Machado, 2008b: 1278 N: CI (Tenerife)

escaleraorum Uyttenboogaart, 1937: 96 N: CI (Tenerife)

      escalerai: Uyttenboogaart, 1937: 96 [IOS, NA]

gomerensis Har. Lindberg, 1953: 15 N: CI (La Gomera)

grossepunctatus Wollaston, 1864: 344 N: CI (Tenerife)

scapularis Wollaston, 1864: 347 N: CI (Tenerife)

     wollastoni Marseul, 1873b: 521

subparallelus Machado, 2007a: 43 N: CI (Tenerife)

supranubius Machado, 2009b: 210 N: CI (La Palma)

tenuepunctatus commixtus Machado, 2021: 151 N: CI (Tenerife)

tenuepunctatus oppositus Machado, 2016: 16 N: CI (Tenerife)

tenuepunctatus tenuepunctatus Roudier, 1957a: 20 N: CI (Tenerife)

undatus Wollaston, 1864: 342 N: CI (Tenerife)


Subgenus Bentaygus Machado, 2022: 469 type species: Laparocerus vicinus Lindberg, 1953

brunneus Har. Lindberg, 1953: 14 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

propinquus Har. Lindberg, 1953: 14 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

vicinus Har. Lindberg, 1953: 15 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Canariotrox Machado, 2017: 35 type species Laparocerus inaequalis Wollaston, 1864

abona Machado, 2016: 14 N: CI (Tenerife)

acyphus Machado, 2009b: 189 N: CI (La Palma)

aeneotinctus aeneotinctus Machado, 2009b: 185 N: CI (La Palma)

aeneotinctus femoralis Machado, 2009b: 188 N: CI (La Palma)

aguiari Machado, 2007a: 36 N: CI (Tenerife)

crassus Roudier, 1957a: 28 N: CI (Tenerife)

estevezi Machado, 2012: 13 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

inaequalis globulipennis Wollaston, 1864: 349 N: CI (La Palma)

     globosipennis Marseul, 1873b: 531

inaequalis hirtus Wollaston, 1864: 348 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

     doramasensis Uyttenboogaart, 1929b: 352

inaequalis inaequalis Wollaston, 1863: 220 N: CI (Tenerife)

occidentalis Wollaston, 1864: 350 N: CI (El Hierro)

rugosicollis Uyttenboogaart, 1937: 98 N: CI (Tenerife)

tauce Machado, 2016: 16 N: CI (Tenerife)

vestitus Wollaston, 1864: 358 N: CI

     velatus Marseul, 1873b: 532,      

     affinis Wollaston, 1864: 358


Subgenus Doramsasius Machado, 2022: 474 type species Atlantis grayana Wollaston, 1865

fraudulentus Machado, 2012: 14 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

grayanus Wollaston, 1865: 309 (Atlantis) [RN] N: CI (Gran Canaria)

     angustulus Wollaston, 1863: 219 (Atlantis) [HN]

hystricoides Machado, 2012: 16 N: CI

inconspectus Roudier, 1957a: 27 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

semipilosus Machado, 2012: 23 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Faycanius Machado, 2012: 29 type species Otiorhynchus squamosus Brullé, 1839

alluaudi Uyttenboogaart, 1940a: 55 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

anniversarius Machado, 2012: 37 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

arcanus Machado, 2012: 32 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

aytamis Machado, 2012: 33 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

canutus Machado, 2021: 144 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

dissidens dissidens Machado, 2012: 35 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

dissidens spolonifer Machado, 2021: 146 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

reptans Machado, 2021: 146 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

squamosus Brullé, 1839: 71 (Otiorhynchus) N: CI (Gran Canaria)

      seniculus Wollaston, 1864: 353

tasarticus Machado, 2012: 21 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

vallei Machado, 2021: 144 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Fernandezius Roudier, 1957a: 40 type species Lichenophagus tesserula Wollaston, 1864

anagae Machado, 2015: 126 N: CI (Tenerife)

anisomorphus Machado, 2021: 149 N: CI (Tenerife)

campestris campestris Machado, 2015: 132 N: CI (Tenerife)

campestris garafianus Machado, 2021: 151 N: CI (La Palma)

hadrocerus Machado, 2021: 149 N: CI (Tenerife)

impressicollis Wollaston, 1864: 368 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (Tenerife)

× intermedius Roudier, 1957a: 43 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (Tenerife)

macilentus Machado, 2015: 125 N: CI (Tenerife)

persimilis Wollaston, 1864: 365 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (Tenerife)

pitys Machado, 2021: 149 N: CI (La Palma)

sculptipennis montivagans Machado, 2013: 69 [RN] N: CI (La Palma)

     palmensis Roudier, 1957a: 43 (Lichenophagus) [HN]

sculptipennis sculptipennis Wollaston, 1864: 367 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (La Palma)

seriesetosus Wollaston, 1864: 365 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (La Palma)

sonchiphagus Machado, 2015: 120 N: CI (Tenerife)

subcalvus Wollaston, 1864: 336 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (El Hierro)

subnodosus Wollaston, 1864: 336 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (Tenerife)

tenicola Machado, 2015: 128 N: CI (Tenerife)

tesserula Wollaston, 1864: 364 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (Tenerife)


Subgenus Fortunotrox Machado, 2011a: 58 type species Laparocerus gracilis Wollaston, 1865

acutipennis Machado, 2007b: 5 N: CI (La Gomera)

benchijigua Machado, 2007b: 6 N: CI (La Gomera)

confusus Machado, 2011a: 62 N: CI (La Gomera)

crotchi Machado, 2016: 30 N: CI (La Gomera)

decipiens Machado, 2009b: 214 N: CI (La Palma)

depressus Machado, 2007b: 7 N: CI (La Gomera)

gracilis Wollaston, 1864: 356 N: CI (La Gomera)

     gomeraecola Marseul, 1873b: 531

idafe García & Alonso-Zarazaga, 2011: 73 N: CI (La Palma)

indutus Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 53 N: CI (La Gomera)

      tectus Marseul, 1873b: 535

juelensis eremita Machado, 2021: 147 N: CI (La Gomera)

juelensis juelensis Machado, 2011a: 64 N: CI (La Gomera)

orone aridane Machado, 2009b: 211 N: CI (La Palma)

orone hierrensis Machado, 2011a: 80 N: CI (El Hierro)

orone orone Machado, 2007b: 3 N: CI (La Gomera)

puncticollis Wollaston, 1864: 362 N: CI (El Hierro)

scitulus Machado, 2021: 146 N: CI (La Gomera)

spinimanus Machado, 2007b: 9 N: CI (La Gomera)

subopacus divergens Machado, 2021: 147 N: CI (La Gomera)

subopacus subopacus Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 52 N: CI (La Gomera)


Subgenus Guanchotrox Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999: 11 [RN] type species Laparocerus canariensis Boheman, 1843

     Amphora Wollaston, 1864: 335 [HN] type species Laparocerus canariensis Boheman, 1843

amicorum Machado, 2009b: 212 N: CI (La Palma)

astralis Machado, 2009b: 206 N: CI (La Palma)

canariensis Boheman, 1842b: 228 N: CI (Tenerife)

cephalotes Machado, 2011a: 78 N: CI (El Hierro)

debilis Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 53 N: CI (Tenerife)

dissimilis alticola Machado, 2016: 22 N: CI (Tenerife)

dissimilis dissimilis Har. Lindberg, 1950: 17 N: CI (Tenerife)

dissimilis infernalis Machado, 2016: 23 N: CI (Tenerife)

elongatus denudatus Machado, 2021: 151 N: CI (La Palma)

elongatus elongatus Machado, 2009b: 198 N: CI (La Palma)

elongatus mucronatus Machado, 2009b: 201 N: CI (La Palma)

gerodes Machado, 2016: 23 N: CI (La Gomera)

humeralis Machado, 2007b: 23 N: CI (La Gomera)

junonius Machado, 2007b: 19 N: CI (La Gomera)

marmoratus Machado, 2012: 22 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

obscurus daute Machado, 2016: 21 N: CI (Tenerife)

obscurus obscurus Wollaston, 1864: 355 N: CI (Tenerife)

     obscurellus Marseul, 1873b: 529

obtriangularis Wollaston, 1864: 351 N: CI (Tenerife)

ornatus Machado, 2012: 20 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

roudieri Machado, 2007b: 22 N: CI (La Gomera)

tafadensis Machado, 2016: 28 N: CI (Tenerife)

tinguaro tabornoi Machado, 2016: 29 N: CI (Tenerife)

tinguaro tinguaro Machado, 2007a: 44 N: CI (Tenerife)

tirmensis Machado, 2012: 21 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Guayre Machado, 2022: 495 type species Omias tessellatus  Brullé, 1839

auarita Machado, 2016: 9 N: CI (La Palma)

bimbache Machado, 2011a: 74 N: CI (El Hierro)

freyi canescens Machado, 2016: 8 N: CI (Tenerife)

freyi freyi Uyttenboogaart, 1940c: 675 N: CI (Tenerife)

freyi punctiger Machado, 2016: 6 N: CI (Tenerife)

freyi vicarius Machado, 2021: 152 N: CI (Tenerife)

garretai albosquamosus Machado, 2011b: 237 N: SG (Selvagem Pequena)

garretai garretai Uyttenboogaart, 1940a: 56 N: SG (Selvagem Grande)

microphthalmus Har. Lindberg, 1950: 16 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

obsitus Wollaston, 1864: 361 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

      persitus Marseul, 1873b: 534

osorio Machado, 2012: 25 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

rugosivertex Machado, 2012: 18 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

tessellatus Brullé, 1839: 72 (Omias) N: CI (Tenerife)

tirajana Machado, 2012: 28 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Laparocerus Schoenherr, 1834b: 530 type species Laparocerus morio Boheman, 1834

      Cyphoscelis Wollaston, 1854b: 356 type species Cyphoscelis distorta Wollaston, 1854

chaoensis cevadae Roudier, 1961a: 62 N: MR (Ilheu do Desembarcadouro)

chaoensis chaoensis Uyttenboogaart, 1940a: 57 N: MR (Ilheu de Chão, Bugio)

      vandeli Roudier, 1958b: 199

cryptus Machado, 2008a: 315 N: MR

distortus Wollaston, 1854b: 357 (Cyphoscelis) N: MR (Madeira)

morio Boheman, 1834b: 531 N: MR (Madeira)

      obesulus Desbrochers des Loges, 1904a: 63


Subgenus Lichenophagus Wollaston, 1854b: 389 type species Lichenophagus fritillus Wollaston, 1854

acuminatus Wollaston, 1854b: 391 N: MR (Deserta Grande)

fritillus Wollaston, 1854b: 390 N: MR (Porto Santo)


Subgenus Machadotrox Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999: 10 type species Otiorhynchus sculptus Brullé, 1839

     Wollastonia Uyttenboogaart, 1936: 255 (non Heer, 1852, nec Horn, 1873)

     Wollastonicerus Uyttenboogaart, 1937: 96

aethiops aethiops Wollaston, 1864: 347 N: CI (El Hierro)

aethiops garajonay Machado, 2007b: 15 N: CI (La Gomera)

cavernarius Machado, 2011a: 84 N: CI (El Hierro)

chasnensis Machado, 2007a: 41 N: CI (Tenerife)

dacilae García, 1998: 45 N: CI (La Palma)

excavatus excavatus Wollaston, 1863: 219 N: CI (Tenerife)

      lugubris Wollaston, 1864: 341

excavatus prosenemus Machado, 2021: 147 N: CI (La Palma)

hupalupa furtivus Machado, 2021: 147 N: CI (La Gomera)

hupalupa hupalupa Machado, 2007b: 16 N: CI (La Gomera)

hypogeus Machado, 2011a: 82 N: CI (El Hierro)

inermis inermis Machado, 2007b: 18 N: CI (La Gomera)

inermis majonae Machado, 2021: 148 N: CI (La Gomera)

iruene Machado & García, 2010: 65 N: CI (La Palma) laevis Roudier, 1957a: 18 N: CI (La Palma)

      politus Roudier, 1957a: 19

machadoi García & González, 2006: 171 N: CI (La Palma)

oromii Machado, 2008b: 1282 N: CI (La Gomera)

sculptus Brullé, 1839: 71 (Otiorhynchus) N: CI (La Palma)

zarazagai criniger Machado, 2021: 148 N: CI (La Palma)

zarazagai subreflexus Machado & García, 2010: 68 N: CI (La Palma)

zarazagai zarazagai García & Oromí, 1997: 154 N: CI (La Palma)


Subgenus Mateuius Roudier, 1957a: 40 type species Lichenophagus auctus Wollaston, 1864

amplificatus Wollaston, 1865: 330 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (La Gomera)

auctus Wollaston, 1864: 363 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (El Hierro)

buccatrix Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 54 (Lichenophagus) N: CI (La Gomera)

dilutus Machado, 2015: 105 N: CI (La Gomera)

merigensis Machado, 2015: 108 N: CI (La Gomera)

notatus Machado, 2015: 105 N: CI (La Gomera)

quadratus Machado, 2015: 108 N: CI (La Gomera)

teselinde Machado, 2015: 106 N: CI (La Gomera)


Subgenus Nanotrox Machado, 2022: 462 type species Laparocerus transversus Lindberg, 1950

buenavistae Roudier, 1957a: 29 N: CI (Tenerife)

palmensis Har. Lindberg, 1953: 16 N: CI (La Palma)

seminitens Har. Lindberg, 1950: 17 N: CI (Tenerife)

tenellus Wollaston, 1864: 362 N: CI (Tenerife)

transversus Har. Lindberg, 1950: 16 N: CI (Tenerife)


Subgenus Pecoudius Roudier, 1957a: 38 type species Laparocerus cymbula Roudier, 1957a (=  Cyphoscelis eliasenae Uyttenboogaart, 1929)

compactus Wollaston, 1864: 359 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

crassirostris Wollaston, 1864: 345 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

eliasenae Uyttenboogaart, 1929b: 353 (Cyphoscelis) N: CI (Gran Canaria)

     cymbula Roudier, 1957a: 38

franzi Machado, 2012: 10 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

sulcirostris Wollaston, 1864: 359 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

     canalirostris Marseul, 1873b: 537

teldensis Machado, 2012: 11 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Proteotros Machado, 2022: 481 type species Laparocerus lepidopterus Wollaston, 1864

federico Machado, 2018: 11 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

lepidopterus lepidopterus Wollaston, 1864: 352 N: CI

      bellopterus Marseul, 1873b: 527

lepidopterus pecoudi Roudier, 1957a: 22 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

lopezi Machado, 2008b: 1285 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

moyanus Machado, 2021: 152 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

mulagua Machado, 2007b: 25 N: CI (La Gomera)

separandus Har. Lindberg, 1953: 14 N: CI (Gran Canaria)

soniae Machado, 2016: 35 N: CI (Gran Canaria)


Subgenus Pseudatlantis Machado, 2008a: 312 type species Atlantis excelsa Wollaston, 1854

abditus Roudier, 1963b: 136 N: MR (Madeira)

excelsus Wollaston, 1854b: 378 (Atlantis) N: MR (Madeira)

schaumii forae Wollaston, 1854b: 380 (Atlantis)

schaumii schaumii Wollaston, 1854b: 379 (Atlantis) N: MR

silvaticus Machado, 2008a: 319 N: MR (Madeira)

stuebeni Machado, 2008a: 321 N: MR (Madeira)


Subgenus Purpuranius Machado, 2017: 33 type species Laparocerus maxorata Machado, 2011

calvus Machado, 2011b: 215 N: CI (Fuerteventura)

curvipes curvipes Har. Lindberg, 1950: 17 N: CI (Tenerife)

curvipes espanoli Roudier, 1954d: 84 N: CI (Fuerteventura, Lanzarote)

curvipes famarae Machado, 2011b: 219 N: CI (Lanzarote)

fraterculus Machado, 2011b: 211 N: CI (Fuerteventura)

longipennis Machado, 2011b: 213 N: CI (Fuerteventura)

maxorata Machado, 2011b: 208 N: CI (Fuerteventura)


Subgenus Wollastonius Machado, 2008a: 313 type species Omias ventrosus Wollaston, 1854

aenescens Wollaston, 1854b: 383 (Omias) N: MR (Madeira)

angustulus Wollaston, 1857: 116 (Omias) N: MR (Madeira)

desertarum Machado, 2021: 142 N: MR (Deserta Grande)

ventrosus Wollaston, 1854b: 382 (Omias) N: MR (Madeira)

waterhousei Wollaston, 1854b: 384 (Omias) N: MR


Genus Laparocerus, species incertae sedis

bacalladoi Machado, 2005: 540 N: CI (Tenerife)

depilis Roudier, 1957a: 22 N: CI (Tenerife)

ellipticus Wollaston, 1863: 220 N: CI

heres heres Machado, 2007b: 29 N: CI (La Gomera)

heres jocoensis Machado, 2007b: 35 N: CI (Tenerife)

inflatus Wollaston, 1865: Appendix, 41 N: CI (La Gomera)

     tumens Marseul, 1873b: 526

pilosiventris Machado, 2011a: 68 N: CI (La Gomera)

sanctaecrucis Machado, 2016: 11 N: CI (Tenerife)

Update (January 2024) of genus Laparocerus in Cooperative Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera Curculionoidea (2nd Edition, 2017). Abbreviations: CI = Canary Islands, [HN] = homonym, [NO] = nomen oblitum,  MR = Madeira archipelago, N = North Africa,

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