ECNC Photo Album

The ECNC Board in 1994 (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

Back line: Peter Nowicki (ECNC Project Manager), Jean Rammeloo (Treasurer), Giovanni Amori (Italy), Henno Muntingh (The Netherlands), J. Heinz (Germany), K.A. Gerakis (Greece), Edward Idle (United Kindgom), A. Szujecki (Poland), and Ödon Rádai (Hungary)-

Front line: Robert Wolters (ECNC Director), Albert Klingenberg  † (ECNC Vice-Presisent), Antonio Machado (ECNC President), Frits Prilevitz (ECNC Executive Director)), and Jan Cerovsky (IUCN).

Meeting at ECNC headquarters in Tilburg (1995)

Mr. Jan Cerovsky, representative from the IUCN, and Dr. Albert Klinkenberg (ECNC Vicepresident) discussing the document ‘Moving Forward” that I prepared, and the role of the Scientific Council of the ECNC.

Board Members at the National Botanical Garden of Belgium

President Antonio Machado, Treasurer Jan Rammeloo, and Vice-Preisident and founding-father of the ECNC, Albert Klinkenberg. After the Board Meeting, Jan showed us the Botanical Garden, of which he is Director.

Meise, November, 1995

Change at the Presidency of the ECNC

With Sir Brian Unwin (former President of the European Investment Bank 1993-99) ready to accept the Presidency of the ECNC.

Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, 2001. 

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